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Mike and Jeni Faustman

Mike and Jeni

My name – Michael Faustman.  Most people know me as Frosty – Owner and Project Manager for Frosty Effects Construction.  I was lucky enough to be born into my family, a family with far reaching roots embedded in the earliest forms of modern craftsmanship.  All through the ages, relatives of mine have been creating small wonders – displaying advanced craftsmanship well before their time.

The Erdman side of the family is filled with blacksmiths, electricians and general handy-men and women.  The Faustman side crafted such things as a model of the State Capitol, a mechanized circus and yes, even ships in bottles.

I was lucky enough to be raised in an 1890 home in Bayard Nebraska.  As I got older, my parents gave me more responsibility in the construction projects.  We removed everything down to the studs and remodeled everything.  This upbringing is something I can not thank my parents enough for.  They provided me with the skills and knowledge I needed while teaching me the meaning of family values and a good work ethic.

Anyways, now my parents ask me – “where did you learn to do this?” and I honestly get a little sappy on them – Thank you God and thank you Mom and Dad for teaching me Anything is Possible.  I say “thank-you, everything I know I learned from you guys” – that’s where.

Upon Graduation from Bayard High, I re-located to Lincoln to work for Cheever Construction.  You see, my mother was sitting next to the owner of Cheever while watching me at state track.  She told him what I can do, and in-between jumps, she says “I got you a job”.

The next day I moved to Lincoln and started work.  I applied myself in any trade they would allow me to.  Soon I moved on to other trades, everything was just like when I grew up, except now I had more tools and a bigger canvas.  Hello Lincoln.

While attending the University of Nebraska for Civil Engineering, I attended a couple of the classes with my friends who were Construction Management Majors.  With my upbringing, it made perfect sense to change majors especially since I could not imagine performing repetitious calculations and designs at a computer all day.  I’m a hands-on kind of guy.

By 2003, I had signed the Articles of Incorporation for Frosty Effects Construction.  May of 2004 I graduated with a B.S. in Construction Management.  Remember I had been working construction in Lincoln – nearly every trade – since 1998.

The first few years were tough as with all start-up companies.  We made it through and have been growing and increasing the complexity of projects each year.

2010 allowed us to show the real meaning of the “Frosty Effects”. The name came from a dream – it inspired me to allocate my talents by using light in our construction.  However, the basic jobs and repairs are not ever below us.  I gladly say that we provide exceptional quality to your every day person.

Our official mission is to live up to our motto.

Top Quality Construction – Superior Customer Service

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