The Bourbon Theatre

The Bourbon Theater custom circular bar. This one was a challenge but definitely worth it. We also redid the facade of the bar.


Custom Walk in Shower with Dual Zones

Jason and Rochelle are some of our favorite customers whom we completed many projects for in the past 3 years. Frosty and Jay get along very well as Jay knows what he wants and Frosty can make it happen. One of the coolest bathrooms we have been able to do is Jay and Rochelles. We gutted the existing bathroom and completely re-plumbed the entire slab-on-grade home…not easy. We included a walk-in shower with dual zones, a rain maker, heated shower floors and a heated bench. The ‘ice cube’ shower caddy was also a custom touch. The radiant flooring was extended throughout the rest of the bathroom. We also updated Chelles’ make-up area and included in LED make-up mirror with his and her sinks. The toilet also demanded its own little nook so we stuck it in the corner and threw in a pocket door. Thanks Rochelle and Jason for being awesome customers and friends!

Merlyn and Diane White and Tan


Merlyn and Diane are a wonderful couple from the York area. They had a problem with their existing master bath that many people seem to be running into these days…it worked perfectly for them but was just not visually appealing. We paid them a visit and collected their ideas and dreams. We ended up replacing the existing tub with an updated air-tub, removed all the pink tile replacing it with a more modern look, removing the formica counter-tops and replacing with Silestone product. We also modified their existing walk-in shower to better fit their needs of more space. An easy fix to a not-so-visually-appealing bathroom.