Thunderbird Burgers

This bar was built in modular units for ease of transport if ever needed.  Each section contained its own leveling feet, interior mounting brackets for the under-counter lighting, and structural steel shelf supports for storage areas for extra liquor.  The one thing I can’t tell you is how we got the lights to come out as we did.  This info is top secret.

The logo for the Thunderbird, the thunderbird head – was hand replicated by Adam Heart of Denver.  He tattooed the bar and I took a grinder to it.  The intricacies of texturing stainless steel still amaze me.  As you can see, we textured the entire bar top with various levels of feather marking to go with the flame and thunderbird theme. 

Along with the invisible snowman, TMCO designed these laser-cut logos and name plates for us as well.The Stainless Steel countertop and the skin sections were fabricated and powder-coated by TMCO.  We designed the frame, welded it and prepped it for TMCO to powder-coat.



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